About Edwards

EDWARDS is rethinking business communication.


There's no question that how we communicate with our customers has evolved.  Online communication has changed the way the world interacts, stays informed, and purchases products.  But experience has shown us that choosing print or online tactics isn't an "either or" proposition.  In fact, when used together in a coordinated campaign, they can enhance the delivery of messages and increase marketing results. 


EDWARDS specializes in the coordinated use of print and electronic media with fulfillment, distribution services and inventory management to create full-service marketing campaign management for our partners.  We offer customer relationship management services and the tools to measure response to your marketing campaigns.  Our solutions are designed to accommodate initiatives large or small, with a focus on maximizing your exposure, consistently improving response rates, and improving your marketing ROI. 


EDWARDS is a family-owned company founded in 1966, and a proud member of the Des Moines Business Community.