Why settle for simply reaching out to your customers and prospects, when you can efficiently and accurately track their responses and build better relationships?  If you're wondering how to achieve this goal, EDWARDS has the answer to that and many of the issues facing Marketing Professionals. 


EDWARDS' Marketing Service customers enjoy the ability to combine our production and manufacturing capabilities with real-time, web based marketing tools.  Dynamic landing pages and web forms, combined with our direct mail, fulfillment and email services, allow a seamless environment for response management.  Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised how simple it can be to: eliminate administrative overhead, track response rates, generate response packages, provide lead information to sales personnel, and ultimately measure ROI.  Your decision to partner with EDWARDS eliminates the need for multiple vendors to complete a marketing campaign and measure response activity.  At EDWARDS, our Marketing Services team can deliver a centralized marketing database for you to manage both inbound and outbound lead activity across multiple channels. 


In this competitive environment, we believe it should take minutes, not months, to measure and react to marketing data.