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Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most cost-effective tools available for communicating with your target audience. But the biggest advantage of direct mail is its ability to make personal, one-to-one contact with customers and prospects with a high return on investment.  And when used in conjunction with other methods of communication, the multiplied effect of direct mail knows no bounds.

EDWARDS offers a full spectrum of mailing services, from inkjetting, and inserting, to metering and mailing directly from our facility. We maintain staff trained by the USPS in postal regulations and make it a point to help our customers maximize their budget.


  • 4” Print Path


  • Can be done by hand or automation

Sequential Numbering

  • We often sequentially number variable imaged (personalized) pieces, as a control number.


  • Inserting into an envelope, boxes, presentation folders, etc.
  • Pitney Bowes Intelligent Inserting System with accumulator
    • 4 stations and accumulator folder
    • Inline inkjet
    • Camera watching system using 2-D barcode
  • Mailcrafters six-pocket inserter, max size 6.5 x 9.5
  • Hand inserting also available


  • Most kitting is done by hand
  • We do have a variety of systems in place for those complex kits requiring us to check each package for accuracy


  • We can take data in a variety of formats and run it through address correction, move-update, and presort software to prepare mailings with greatly reduced postage rates.
  • We can also get reduced postage rates when provided with print-ready PDFs.
  • International
  • Comingle and Co-Palletization Discounts

Affixing card or labels

  • Permanent or removable adhesives
  • We can package and ship with assorted shippers to as many locations as requested
  • We are at national account status with FedEx

Other Services

  • In addition to complex personalization, we can also imprint names and addresses on postcards, letters, etc., and meter and mail directly from our facility
  • We can also create shipping lists for package and other non-USPS distribution directly from our facility

Metering/USPS Rules and Regulations

  • We have two people on staff that have been trained by the USPS in postal regulations
  • Based upon the volume of mail that we process we have a dedicated representative to assist in getting approval and clarification of mail
  • We process and meter mail two shifts a day

Other Fulfillment Services

No matter how complex you might think that a job is, we will work to offer a solution for how we might fulfill, and process the kit to it can arrive to your customer as you intended. Learn more about our fulfillment services.

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